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You are presently at a meeting for future business or you have just completed an introductory cold call, what is the best way to be remembered? By leaving or sending a brochure about your business graphically designed by Indigo Graphics & Design.

A brochure is the best way to stay fresh in the mind of prospective clients and consumers. It allows you to communicate those fine, authentic and exclusive points that make your business the best choice; points, which are otherwise forgotten in a introductory call or a fast pace business meeting. A well thought out brochure can spice up your company and the impact it can have on your marketing campaign can be monumental. .

Indigo Graphics & Design provides a power-punch graphic design that WOWS your prospective clients by capturing your mission statement and the image of your company in all the design elements used - from the images, the type face and it's overall composition. A graphically appealing brochure is an easy and productive way for clients and customers to reflect on your business and allows it to stand out above the rest.

Indigo Graphics & Design pays close attention to detail and wil use a well thought out plan, approved by you since the brochure functions as the summary of what your company represents. We, at Indigo Graphics & Design will make sure your message draws the attention you deserve.