Our Beginning:

The inspiration and name Indigo Graphics & Design is conceived from its relationship to the color Indigo - a color that resonates with the Third Eye, a spiritual phenomenon that allows one to see those things that are invisible to the physical eye but visual to the subtle “knowing eye.”  The Third Eye is an energy center that promotes creativity, ideas and purpose.  Qualities, Indigo Graphics & Design conscientiously and continuously reach in order to provide ingenuity, originality and insight to your business. 

About Us :

Indigo Graphics & Design produces innovative, authentic and a diverse range of creative artistic designs for logos, business cards, marketing brochures, print ads, electronic media, greeting cards, and website production.

In all our illustrations and designs, we promise to utilize our artistic knowledge of placement, lghting, hues, fluidity, consistency, an area that is sometimes foreign to technically based grahic companies, to to all your graphics needs.

Our Mission:

Indigo Graphics & Design's mission is to remain centered and balanced in the realm of this phenomenal energy created by the Third Eye, while delivering these gifts of intuition, imagination and insight to you and your business. We are committed to staying intuitively connected to future designing trends and computer oriented technology that will leave an impression on the mind of your clients and/or perspective clients.